Thursday, May 26, 2005

So much effort

And nothing to post.

I tied an experiment with changing the format. I did not like the result and attempted to change it back. It came up worse. And Blogger was showing an error.

Blogger help lived down to it’s reputation.

Between Google and having made multiple backups I got fixed (I hope – fingers are crossed!)

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hank_F_M said...


If it is not too personal, how much does it cost to have a blog--not that I want one at any price right now?

I am reading Edith Grossman's new translation of Don Quixote. What a funny book! And yet there are a lot of serious issues such as a glimpse into the Arab world 400 years ago.

Thanks, Hank! One subject that you might want to put up is the continuity of church history. At the Village Well on Yahoo some are holding that creeds were decided politically and 1st century Christians had a truer faith than we have now. You could refute that better than I.
Bob | 05.28.05 - 10:03 am | #



How much does a blog cost?

Well how much do you want to spend?

Basic Blogspot blogs are free. Lick on the Blogger button in the upper left of the screen and follow the instructions. It is a good idea to make a test blog and experiment a little bit before going live. Hank Test Blog

Some pretty big blogs are apparently run as free. But as I noted Bogger does not give very good support to free blogs. Blogger makes its money from people who add advertisements to their blog, they get a cut.

For a small amount they will upgrade you and give you more features. Most of the add on blogs are free with upgrades for a reasonable cost.

Click on the Ambra’s link (under People To See) on the side bar. She has several posts on Blogging like a Rockstar with all sorts of good advice I should take. Also I think you will like her,if she is typical of 23 year olds the world is in good shape.
Hank | Homepage | 05.28.05 - 4:51 pm | #


Thanks, I read some of Ambra's work. Blogging is all new to me. I think that it is better for you than me because my ideas and interests are limited by age somewhat. My main interest is apologetics in case that you had not noticed--LOL!

Do you know a lot about church history? I only know a little. These folks at Yahoo Thevillagewell are saying all the time that the Nicene creed does not represent original Christianity. Can you refute all that? To me it seems like a big task--I just say that it is not true. I have been telling them that you and I stand for 2000 years of unchanged continuity of doctrine in the essentials. LOL!
Bob | 05.28.05 - 7:53 pm | #


Oh, I have this thought that I wanted to express but it slipped my mind. The computer has been a lot of fun for me because I stay home a lot and it gives me a big window on the world. At first, I used the computer for news and products, but now I look forward to the blogs and message boards that I post on more than anything else. Isn't it strange that cyberspace friends may never meet in person until the next world?
Bob | 05.28.05 - 7:57 pm | #



Number 1

Most of the comments you are getting come from someone or other who had a very thin knowledge of the history of the early church and drew conclusions that matched there prejudices. Often repeated in good faith by those withot the knowledge to realize there is a problem.

The source might be tainted for your purposes but the online addition of the Catholic Encylopedia has very good articles on these topics. I’ve evangelical equivalents over the years but I do not remember the URL’s. Wikpedia should be used with caution since they do not maintain quality control, but sometimes they have very good articles.

What I would like to find is the Constantine time machine and teleporter. He is alleged to be source of everything people don't like over 400 years and 2000 miles. he must have had a time machine.
Hank | Homepage | 05.29.05 - 1:18 am | #


Number 2

Suggested reading

Any general history of the Roman Empire. This is for background and context.

The indispensable Early Christians doctrines by J. N. D Kelly. This is well written and fairly easy to read. Is used for apologetics by so many people that you should have a copy just to check that Kelly is not being misrepresented. He was a Protestant (Anglican) but he is recommended by just about everyone who is orthodox. The prices shown are a little expensive, but if you call some used or remainder book stores you might find a better price. There are a number of other books that cover the same ground but Kelly is the most usable for some one without background.
Hank | Homepage | 05.29.05 - 1:25 am | #



Another good source is The Faith of the Early Fathers by William A Jeurgens. This is three volumes, buy one at a time. The first is pre-Nicea. He was a Catholic Seminary Professor. He assembled the common quotations from early Church writers and made his own translation and provided notes for context. Three great things: it is readable, He had a gift for summarizing complex ideas in short and understandable paragraphs, and it is multiply cross referenced. Want to show that the early Church believed that Jesus was the Son of God. Find it in the doctrinal index and you will have umpteen quotes of the early Church Fathers saying that, and also the ambiguous statements. To quote online there are several sites with complete sets of the Early Fathers, take the title and paragraph of the original and find it.
Hank | Homepage | 05.29.05 - 1:26 am | #


Those two titles should have you equipped to handle most any thing thrown at you.

I’m Reading NT Wrights first volume on Jesus and the Gospels. Very dense and slow reading, but worth it. He demolishes the theories that scripture the Gospels are not authentic.

I have found the best way to deal with that sort of challenge is to ask rhetorical questions. “Constantine was baptized as an Arian, the Catholics and Arians were in conflict, he constantly favored the Arians over the Catholics, why are you saying he established the Catholic [accusation of the day]?”

You won’t change their mind, that needs grace, but at least they have to think and consider new data. Other readers will at least know that the unorthodox position has problems.
Hank | Homepage | 05.29.05 - 1:41 am | #



Thank you, Hank! I have noted the titles that you gave me. Of course, my public library does not have any of them. My private theological library is fair for a layman. More books will have to wait for the budget.

I like New Advent--I never knew about it until you told me on Lycos a few years ago. I will search it more when these points arise.

You are correct about the lack of scholarship behind this argument. It prevails because it is time-consuming to build the points that destroy it.

Bob | 05.29.05 - 9:59 am | #


I dunno the XHTML these things use is pretty broke. You got in-page css and called css all cobbled together with javascript. Not my idea of useful html at all.

Still the kludge rules in user space .

Ya know I have trouble with trying to quote chapter and verse to support your religion. Is it alive or dead? The insperation that formed christianity can't have stopped a thousand years ago ... can it?

Do What Now ??? ... Standards and Practices !
PenGun | Homepage | 05.29.05 - 2:46 pm | #


Hi Pengun

Back when i was programing my boss would have had fits about theprogrqmining behind the webpages.

But then IBM BAL was very unforgiving of stupidity. The programing is not quite stupid but some of "skins" you will take the way they are you sure can't chnge them.

The things that Bob and I are complaining about are not so muchm Chaper and verse as events in 325 AD do not influnce events in 200 AD.
Hank | Homepage | 05.29.05 - 9:29 pm | #


Kim Kommando was moved on the radio from Sunday night here to Saturday night. It took me a long time to find out what happened to her. She does not post a master log but sends you an e-mail to tell you when her show is in your area.

Trouble is that now she conflicts with a tv program of Southern Gospel singing. Never heard it?!!?? Listen live at

Warning it may be addictive and addicts have been known to become extremely happy in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Bob | 05.31.05 - 10:23 am | #


Just got broadband, looks good with pics on, sweet in fact.

PenGun | Homepage | 06.21.05 - 6:58 pm | #

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