Saturday, January 07, 2006

The End of the World is Nigh!

David Duff of Duff and Nonsense has evidence that The end of the world is nigh!

To wit

To paraphrase, 'look on my news, ye mighty, and despair'!. Today, gentlemen are no longer wearing ties with suits! Perhaps I should be more precise, today, those pretending to be gentlemen, are no longer wearing ties with suits. Take, if you've the stomach for it, the leaders of our two national political parties. We already know that Mr. Blair is a parvenu with only the most casual connection to truth and honour, traditionally, the emblems of a gentleman irrespective of his status in life. Now the leader of her Majesty's loyal opposition, an old Etonian and thus automatically suspect, shows every sign of following his natural leader, Mr. Blair, by morphing into whatever the bien pensants from both the political and fashion worlds tell him to be. Thus, he stands as a Conservative and talks Left-wing rubbish, and, worst of all, he fails to wear a tie with a suit.

Uh, David, I should point out that the leader of the Free World comes from Texas where if you wear a tie, except maybe as a concession to those Northern Yankees, you can be hung with your own necktie. He will undoubtedly be imatated by those who do not realize the limitations of Texan culture. And I was hoping the mother country would set a counter example for us poor colonials.

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David Duff said...

"And I was hoping the mother country would set a counter example for us poor colonials."

Please, please, do not hold your breath waiting!

Actually, I suppose American southerners are forgiven their more casual dress code given the heat of their environment. However, am I mistaken in thinking that southerners are renowned for their almost old world courtesy?

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