Monday, March 06, 2006

Lent 2006


For lent this year I will be taking a break from posting.

Here are some posts for the season from last year.



He is Risen

May God’s Blessing be with you and yours. See you after Easter.


Bob said...

Sorry to be so late responding to this post! I can't believe how Bloody Mary has been passed over but we can set that aside.

The English Reformation was less intense than the German. However, even if we assume that it was political and from the top down, we are left with the problem of divorce which Catholicism has still not addressed even after the Protestant Reformation has burnt out after 500 years. Catholicism has disregarded Scripture on this issue wherein Jesus taught that divorce is allowed in cases of adultery. Also, the Pope has no right to tell a head of state what he can or cannot do. Catholicism has erred in making The Vatican a political state instead of merely the international headquarters of a Christian denomination. American Catholics may have been Americanized but in other countries traditional Catholicism shows the political involvement of the Pope in international politics due to his rank as head of state. As for divorce, Catholicism gives annulments as divorces to those wealthy enough to bring their case to Italy. This is an open scandal and serves to vindicate the English Reformation.

hank_F_M said...

This comment should have been posted here as is my response.

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