Saturday, June 16, 2007

Strange Maps

Maps are fun!

Looking for something else I came across a site called Strange Maps.

US States GDP
US States renamed for countires with similar GDP

China Empire

China as world power

Unfortunately the map was downloaded a long time ago and the source is lost. The map asks a lot of questions.

And many more at Strange Maps

Check it out!

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El Jefe Maximo said...

Your China map is interesting, looked familiar, and I went looking.

I have an ancient book (1979) published by something called "Salamander Press" called The Chinese War Machine. My first book on the Chinese military in my high school days, and a very nice one, full of lots of glossy photos, cool diagrams and weapons specs.

Anyway, the book has some cool maps, and one of them at pp.112-13, is called "PRC Interpretation of China's Territorial Losses." This looks uncommonly like your China map. Out towards and including Sakhalin is the "Great Northeast Area" extorted by Russia in 1860; secessionist Mongolia in 1924; the Great Northwest, lost to Russia in the Taeching Treaty, 1864; Taiwan, of course; plus Burma, Vietnam, Thailand...Nepal.

If you believe this map, there isn't a spec of the border the PRC is happy with, save a little chunk of the Sinkiang/Kazakhstan border.

hank_F_M said...

El Jeffe

Some one added a commnent to the orgianal post that was confirmed by another user.

I think the map might be from Zbigniew Brezinkski’s book The Grand Chessboard.

I suspect that in there fondest dreams the only border China would be satisfied with is an internal border between Han and non-Han. But the are pragmaitc enough to settle for former spheres of influnce.

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