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The Alamo

Alamo day

In 1718 Franciscan Missionaries established mission San Antonio Velara which moved to it’s current location in 1724. It was the first of what became five missions, a presidio, and a town settled by pioneers from the Canary Islands. In 1794 the Spanish Government secularized the mission, the Indians were given the land they worked and the church buildings went to the Church and the rest went to the Crown. The Spanish Army took over the common buildings 1n 1801 and they continued in military use for one country or another until 1880’s. The name Alamo most likely comes from the name of the first unit to occupy the site.

Mexico became independent in 1824 with a federal Constitution. And invited American settlers to help populate the land. In 1835 Santa Ana came to power abrogated the Federal Constitution and took away many local rights. In Texas after some attempts to smooth thing over both the American settlers and the local Tejan population rebelled. After much back and forth Santa Ana’s Army came to lay siege to the Alamo.

In 1836 it was the scene of the famous battle where the Texans held out for 13 days against Santa Ana’s much larger Army, going down to the last man, but buying the time for Sam Houston to build up the Texan army and defeat Santa Ana. A more detailed account of the batle is Here.

It is now owned by the State of Texas and entrusted to the Daughters of the Texas Republic as a shrine to those who died here.

An interesting note is that the Mexican solidiers are getting more coverage than previously. Which is good, serving well under a petty tyrant like Santa Ana requires a special valor all to itself.

They did not allow taking pictures inside the Alamo or museum, the Alamo website has a picture

See more pictures here.


Pamela said...

As I now live in the Canary Islands, I've become interested in the historical links with the US and, in particular with San Antonio and the Alamo. Thanks for posting this.

hank_F_M said...


Glad you enjoyed it

El Jefe Maximo said...

Hey, always good to see people remembering the Alamo. Precious few do anymore. You might like my own Alamo post, here.

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