Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vladimir Ilich Lenin

The leaders of the Russian Communist Party on Monday laid wreaths on the tomb of Vladimir Ilich Lenin. This is the man who was glad when genuine strikers were crushed because this would bring the revolution more quickly. Who massacred thousands. Who destroyed any chance that Russia could have genuine reforms after the First World War. Who began the crimes that became the Soviet Gulag. Who taught Stalin his trade. And is reputed to allow no flowers in his office because they might encourage him to softness and mercy.

With Gangis Khan, Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot, one of the last men one would want to hold up for an example. That there are those who would idolize such a person and what he did in places of influnce is no differnt than putting open Nazi's in positons of influnce.

For a thousand years or more anyone who isn’t a history person is going to think he was a great man, and thousands who actually did some good won’t even get a footnote. But maybe there will be enough pure fiction added to his name that some will be inspired to accomplish the good that Vladimir Ilich himself would have detested,

HT: El Jefe Maximo of the the Kingdom of Chaos.


El Jefe Maximo said...

Maybe the dumbest thing the Germans never did, right after not putting the Paperhanger from Linz into a padded cell and losing the key till they could arrange a loony-bin accident -- was not stopping the Sealed Train with Lenin and his gang of criminals while it crossed Germany, giving the occupants a nice, quick drumhead court martial, and hanging them from some convenient sour apple trees.

Instead they thought they could use him. Like the pigs thinking they can use the leopards.

hank_F_M said...

El Jefe

The pigs would most likely come out better.

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