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Book Review: Left to Tell

Left to Tell – Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust

Immaculee Ilibagiza
Hay House, 2006
Left to Tell Fund
Left to tell

Most everyone knows in general that in 1994 there was a genocide of over a million people in Rwanda as the world stood by. Numbers so large we lose any sense of individuals. Immaculee Ilibagiza rivets us the events as they happened to her, her family and acquaintances as she was one of the few who was left to tell their story

From the life of a child in a loving family and a student who is only loosely aware of national politics she is suddenly thrown into the maelstrom of a Civil War that turns into genocide against own her people. Hidden in a bathroom for three months with seven other women she emerges to find her family dead, many whom she had thought friends had been part of the killing. She learns that the only way survive as a human being, not just some one who was not killed, means she has to have faith and trust in God and forgive those who killed her family and friends.

The surreal horror is seen in joy of finding a friend she thought dead, and finding out he was hidden by someone who went out every day to join the killers.

This is a riveting well written account that should be mandatory reading for every one.

Many things can be said about the genocide, but is perhaps best to remind ourselves of the teaching of the Catholic Faith that gave her the strength of survive.

Look in the mirror - the person looking back at you is not so very far from being the hero or villain in a similar situation. Pray that Christ’s Grace and Mercy give us all the wisdom to see the difference and the strength to act.

Grant them Eternal Rest Oh Lord, and let your Perpetual Light shine upon them.


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Charli Carpenter said...

I saw an amazing interview with her on 60 Minutes awhile back. Will look forward to reading the book. Cheers.

Jeff said...

I will look for the book. Thanks for posting this Hank.

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