Monday, May 26, 2008

Going North

Made my occasional visit to our Marquette Michigan office in the Upper Peninsula.

MAP Upper Peninsula

I took a driving break at a good half way point

45 degrees north

At another break I stopped at Florence Wisconsin and checked the weather station.

Florence WI Weather Station

This is part of the National Network of weather stations that collects data on “global warming” as well as more mundane purposes, like the weather report. The network has come under considerable criticism lately because many (over half surveyed so far) have a larger margin of error than the alleged extant of global warming. I didn’t do a formal survey but this looks much better than most. The white boxes at the bottom are old equipment, the weather station is the little box on the antenna near the top of the picture.

I always plan to travel in the good weather


This the land of the Great North Woods.




Took a wrong turn going home and got to visit Norway


Michigan that is. This town in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centurys was the last transit point for settlers from the Scandinavia, from here they went to set up homesteads or got jobs in the mines across the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin.

More pictures


David Duff said...

Hank, you should send your reports on weather stations to Anthony Watts at:

He is 'the main man' on weather station reliability.

hank_F_M said...


Of course. Especilly because he needs a good for for a change of pace.

El Jefe Maximo said...


I've never been there, but your pics make me want to visit, soon.

I have heard that travelling in good weather up there is always a really good idea...

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