Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oshkosh 2008 AirVentrue - II

More photos from AirVentrue 2008

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The old and the new.


People came from all over the world for the show.


A bi plane during the preshow warm ups. It looked for a bit like weather would close the show but a few minutes later it was sky blue flying.


The venerable DC-3 aka C-47. I think the smiley face on it’s nose is because it has survived so long. During the National Anthem it dropped the parachutists who carried the American Flag.


Oskosh’s brand new Air Traffic Control Tower opened just in time for the Air Show.

See my previous post

And more photo’s in a while.

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LFC said...

I recall flying in a Pakistan Airlines DC-3 (or perhaps it was a Fokker (sp.?) -- similar design) as a child (early '60s). I'm not sure I'd get in one today. They may be perfectly safe but they look so much like relics.

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