Thursday, October 23, 2008

Should Senator Obama Lose

Should Senator Obama lose the election (all fingers are tightly crossed but I don’t think it will do any good) some individuals have claimed it will lead to riots (in November?)

The Creative Minority Report takes a look at the potential for this case of mass lawlessness.

Shortly after Fox News, ABC, and CBS all declare John McCain the President-elect, the sound of martini glasses and champagne bottles being dropped all over the East coast signals the beginnings of a long and dangerous night.


Dozens of rioters in loafers and tweed coats stumble off their college campuses in Ann Arbor, Michigan and begin heaving granola bars at passing SUV's.


Cadres of celebrities in California drag Tiny Fey from her NBC studio and burn her at the stake because they're afraid of the real Sarah Palin.


National Guard troops are called out to protect Starbucks which have been especially hard hit by thirsty looters.


In a televised plea for calm, Bill and Hillary Clinton's beg liberals to calm down but unfortunately the two can't stop giggling long enough to get their message out.

To get some badly needed election humor Read the whole post.


Jeff said...

The White Liberal Riot piece is really funny. I must consider posting that myself. However, the likelyhood of that happening is slim to none, since it looks like Obama will win big. As for conservatives, they don't riot. They love their country too much, even if it's far from perfect.

LFC said...

Mildly funny, after a glass of wine.

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