Thursday, March 12, 2009


Bands are fun to watch!

The Band of The Brigade of Gurkhas
Music: Sirtaki (Zorba the Greek)
Military Tattoo Bremen 2000

That is not why we have Armies.

" Indian Army Gurkhas , 'Better to die in battle than live a coward" is produced by Parag Shah of Global Mavericks using clips from the bollywood blockbuster ' Line of Control' showing the Gurkhas bravery during the Kargil conflict.

But the cost is not cheap, though often less than the alterntive.


Jack said...

Hurry back. Jack

David Duff said...

Sorry, Hank, I have been experiencing computer problems myself and so this is my first visit for a while. I saw the Ghurka band do that very number in the grounds of Montacute House (see link) on a perfect, English late-summer evening, ending of course with the buglers sounding 'Sunset'. Magical!

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