Saturday, November 14, 2009

Golly Schazamm! This Blog is Five Years Old!

I made my first post on, Cause Not Harm five years ago. I was trying to think of a good first post. Then Glen Reynolds said something to annoy me, and I meandered into it.

I was tired of just leaving comments on other Blogs. But I was not sure where I wanted to go with a blog. Since my interests are eclectic and I meander between them “Eclectic Meanderings” seemed like a good name. I did a Google search, and while I did not find a blog named “Eclectic Meanderings,” it seemed to be a rather common expression so I put my name in front to avoid conflicts.

Since them I have had a lot of fun looking things up to post. Getting my thoughts in shape to post has helped clarify a number of issues. My writing has improved marginally. So as I find things that are interesting, important, or entertaining I’ll keep posting. Who knows maybe some one will read them.



David Duff said...

Very many Happy Returns!

Mark said...

You have a good blog; and Jeff is hilarious!! Jack

hank_F_M said...




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