Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Short Break

A blessed and fruitful Lent to one and all.

Previous Lent and Easter posts are in a list on the sidebar.

I will be scarce for a while, I have several other activates that require my attention.


The Capitol Tribune said...

Hank - Thanks for your commemting about my new template. Funny you should ask if I've looked at my new template through different setting. I'm having a minor, I guess, problem. Wondering if you might have some insight.

When I compose a post in the blogger dashboard I put 1 space between paragraphs. The space shows in the dashboard "compose" and "Edit HTML" functions. That space between paragraphs also shows up in the "preview" window. However, when I publish the post there's NO space between paragraphs. At least not on my laptop. Now, I sent my blog to the Artisteer software people (it's there blog design software) and asked them what was going on. Well, they sent me back a copy of the page (a literally copy of what they we're seeing on their computers) and they WAS a space between each paragraph. So, I'm lost. Is it my computer possibly? A setting or what? Does the space between paragraphs show up on your computer? If you can add some insight into the possible problem I'd appreciate your help. Thanks.


hank_F_M said...


I usually compose in a word processor with the formatting characters turned on (and copy and paste to blogger) . In Microsoft word processors it is a button with a “paragraph” symbol in the tool bar. HTML processes it pretty much the way you wrote it, Blogger’s display does it’s own thing and HTML doesn’t always process what you compose in blogger the way you think it should.

The end of paragraph character (enter key) ends the line and starts a new one. If you don’t have one the text wraps. If you want a line between paragraphs you need two end of paragraph characters. If you compose in Blogger HTML will sometimes treat multiple hits on the enter key as a single end of paragraph character and the lines between paragraphs does not carry over.

You can force a line in the Edit HTML with a “less than sign” BR “forward slash” “greater than sign”.

There is a link to a HTML tutorial in the reference section of my side bar. It has saved me a few times.

Hope that helps.

The Capitol Tribune said...

Interesting. But my wife's laptop and the people at Artisteer say my blog comes up perfectly fine on their screens--with 1 space between paragraphs. And in the blogger dashboard post editor it shows one space. It has to be my laptop but I'm not sure which setting would fix it. But thanks for the help. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. Makes no sense.

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