Friday, March 25, 2011

“The Water Tastes the Same!”

My friend Addie was vocal on some subjects. “Mister Lincoln freed the slaves . . “ was the beginning of a rant on the history of race relations, good and bad, in the US that was something to behold. When Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas accused the Judicial Committee of conducing an electronic lynching, she stood up and yelled “That’s right, you tell ’em” loud enough that I’m sure he heard the encouragement a thousand miles away without electronics.

I can here her cry “You tell ‘em Herman!”

From Little Miss Attaila and Allah pundit who comments ““[S]egregation laws were so vicious and demeaning that they insisted on stigmatizing blacks even when doing so produced no material advantage for whites.”.

NB I am not endorsing Mr. Cain about whom I know very little - his message here needs to be told often enough that we do not forget.

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