Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cardinal von Galen -- "Jesus Weeps for Us"

von galen

Seventy years ago today, August 4th 1941, Clemens August von Galen, the Catholic Bishop of Munster, delivered his famous sermon against Acton T4 the Nazi euthanasia program. This was the last stage of a Eugenics program to rid Germany of persons with genetic disabilities. It set the stage for the large scale exterminations of able bodied persons because of their ethnic, notional, or religious background. The publicity forced the Nazi's to officially stop the program though it continued unofficially. Three of his priests were killed in retaliation and von Galen was only spared to prevent him from becoming a martyr.

I previously posted the main part of this sermon. Click here

But a sermon is meant to heard not read. A representation of the sermon

Jesus Weeps for Us

Starts at 4 mintes.

And continues here
and here
and here

Change a few names for context and this sermon could (and should) be delivered in many places today.

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