Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peace Coming to Kashmir?

Pragmatic Euphony brings a crime report that seems to indicate progress toward peace in Kashmir.

Thieves decamped with an ATM in the middle of the night from uptown Srinagar.


Even though this sounds counterintuitive, it is a crime worth rejoicing over. After all, criminals wouldn’t dare to decamp with an ATM in the night if the town was infested with terrorists and trigger-happy security forces ready to nab them. Alas, the law will punish them for their crime — as it should — but these burglars have sent a larger message to all of us: things are indeed getting back to normal in Kashmir.

Let us hope he's right.


LFC said...

I don't think the theft of an ATM proves much of anything, actually.

hank_F_M said...

I data point of course not, but it is amusing.

hank_F_M said...


It is a theme he has been hitting with much more substance for a long time.

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