Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Modest Proposal.

Long thought to be deceased the Rev Jonathan Swift has posted at Pajamas Media a new Modest Proposal. This time A Modest Proposal for the Reestablishment of the Prussian State

He writes:

It is melancholy to contemplate the homeless condition of the Prussians, an ingenious people whose remarkable antics in prior ages did so much to enliven the politics of Europe. Indeed, now that world opinion has grasped the necessity of returning the descendants of the Arabs of Palestine to their ancestral residences, it must certainly be the hour for a similar service to be rendered on behalf of those belonging to the tribe of the great Frederick.

For while it has been some time since that glorious state known as Prussia graced the map of our fair continent, still the lands of the Prussians were theirs and theirs alone, until that fateful day not yet seven decades past, when the awful Poles, seeking to reestablish a country for which the world had no apparent need, rudely cast them out.


. . .forced to endure life stateless, wandering amongst such diverse foreign peoples as Saxons, Westphalians, Rhinelanders, Bavarians, and, even in some cases, Americans . .


. . .Does not Justice herself cry out in anguish,[?] . . .

Read the whole thing. It’s funny and makes no more of a point than the original, which having reread it for the first time in years seems relevant to several current policy debates.

HT: Duff and Nonsense
and Pajamas Media


David Duff said...

Thanks for the mention, Hank, but we must all put our hands together for the boys and girls at Pyjamas Media without whom, etc, etc!

hank_F_M said...


I did give them a plug in the first line, but your right womeone there deserves a lot credit so I added them at the bottom also.

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