Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rudard Kipling -- Happy Birthday

Today would be 135th birthday of Rudard Kipling (1865- 1935).

One of the English languages greatest story tellers and poets with the versatility to write convincingly in a wide varity of motiefs and settings. Ironically while he is much criticized for political reasons, especially by those who have never read more than a selected tag line, he often states their concerns better than they do. One of his best gifts was to describe the feeling and viewpoints of others in their voice (edited for family hour). Anyone who has ever been in barracks would recognize Barrack Room Ballads as an authentic voice of the common soldier.

"IF" is one of his most popular poems.

A few of his lesser known poems.

Kipling’s son Jack wanted to enlist during WWI but was not medically qualified. At his son’s request Kipling pulled strings to have him commissioned in the Irish Guards. He was killed shorly after arriving at the front.

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