Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's All a Plot

Christian Science Monitor has an excellent article on conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories are now so influential that the US State Department's website desperately tries to contain the damage these theories cause to the reputation of the United States. It recognizes that conspiracy theories have "a great appeal and are often widely believed." Indeed, the theory that American foreign policy is the outcome of a carefully elaborated secret plot concocted by a cabal of neoconservatives is widely believed both inside and outside the US. Preoccupation with conspiracies is no longer confined to the margins. Virtually every unexpected event provokes a climate of suspicion that breeds rumors and conspiracies.
On the hunt for a conspiracy theory by Frank Furedi.

However it seems the preferred method of avoiding the influence of secret government conspiracies is not as effective as hoped. HT:Dean’s World


Anonymous said...

It seems likly we will have the whole thing dragged out in the street.

Fitz has his second grad jury. He has Condi among others in his sights.

He also has Conrad Black, ex Canadian heh, in his docket along with the real objects of this investigation, Richard Perl, Kissenger et al.

Along with the unravelling of Feith with the Pentagons enquiry we have a general unravelling of the entire Bush lie. We may see him impeached.

That enough of a real conspiricy for you? It is for me, but I knew from the beggining these people were jackals.

Do What Now ??? ... Standards and Practices !

hank_F_M said...


Some days I think the special prosecutor, his grand jury, his staff, the witnesses and suspects and their attorneys should be indicted for conspiracy to commit manslaughter by terminal boredom. Poetic justice would be for Joe and Scooter to share the same cell for two years. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz!

Fitzgerald is the District attorney for Northern Illinois. He has been fun to watch, a Bush appointee he currently has a former republican Governor on trial, and is zeroing in on the Chicago Democratic machine. What makes him so good is he does not usually indict until he can convict, unlike others who indict on suspicion then build their case. He doesn’t lose often. I think every one is going to be disappointed. He is not going to bring in anything like the bag the democrats are hoping for, lots of suspicion but it looks like there is very little that can establish proof beyond a doubt except for fools like scooter. And enough fools like Scooter to embarrass the Republicans.

hank_F_M said...



I have been getting several hits from sites in Europe doing a search for Pengun, apparently as in how to make one.

I wonder if that is related to recent events.

Anonymous said...

Scooter is the tip of the iceberg. Joe does not bore a lot of us at all ;).

The second ... brand new 18 months to go ... grand jury he has should be enough to show he is not finished.

There is a chance, growing every day it seems, that the whole lot will be impeached.

Conspricy is exactly what has happened and you will have to face that fact to get back from the scary place you have got to.


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