Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dutch East Indies

The Second World War effected may people in many ways. Elizebeth van Kampen grew up in the Dutch East Indies, but when the war came she survived some of the cruelest and least reported atrocities of the war,. After the war she builds a life living and traveling in The Netherlands, France, England, South Africa, the United States and other places. Fifty years after the war she returns to Indonesia to see where she grew up.

After a wonderful youth in the Dutch East Indies, today Indonesia, my family and I went through three and a half years Japanese occupation. I lost my father, I lost the country I loved, I lost everything, but I kept my memories. My son advised me to start a website and write all those memories down. So here I am, 79 years old, sitting behind my computer, going back to the Dutch East Indies.

Her amazing story starts here.

HT: World History Blog

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