Monday, April 20, 2009

“I Did What It Said”

What’s the Harm explains the harm in using GPS systems.

Satellite navigation systems are a godsend to the modern driver. But the data contained in them is not perfect and should not be relied on blindly. People can get hurt.

Bo Bai

Age: 32
Bedford Hills, New York
Rental car destroyed
January 2, 2008
He followed an instruction to turn right from his GPS putting him on a train track in front of an oncoming train. The resulting accident destroyed his rental car and delayed commuters for hours. He was ticketed was to be held liable for costs.
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Necdet Bakimci

Gibraltar, Lincolnshire, England
1600 miles off course on delivery
July 20, 2008
He programmed his destination of the Rock of Gibraltar as he left Antakya, Turkey. But because Gibraltar is technically part of the UK, the device routed him to another Gibraltar – a shore town in England. He was 1,600 miles off course.
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While a GPS is better than stopping for directions, it is only a navigation aid, you have to navigate.

Remember your most important instrument is that big piece of raparound glass called a windshield - look through it!

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